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The gate shown here is located on Valencia Way in Atwater, California. This is a 12' gate, and the operator box can be seen behind the fence, on the right hand side of the gate. In this particular case, with an electrical supply available, the option chosen was to have a trickle feeder constantly charge the gate's power storage supply. If there is ever a power outage, the gate keeps on operating from the power storage supply. The storage supply is sufficient to operate the gate, without AC power, for weeks.
The gate is opened with the equivalent of a garage door opener. These openers come in the standard sizes, as well as miniature key ring sizes.
When approaching this gate from the house side, the gate opens using the remote or an optional loop system that is buried a few inches under the surface of the driveway making the opening of your gate automatic.home1.jpg (16520 bytes)

There are several options available to automate the gate's operation. Included is the option to have the gate close by itself after a set period of time, from 10 seconds to more than 60 seconds.

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